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Wednesday March 22

March 23, 2017

G continues to amaze me with his hard work and determination. He stood for over 20 minutes today, walked over 200 feet, went 15 minutes on the peddle machine… and that was just PT, he also learned how to get himself up if he falls, kind of a seal crawl to a stable support to get himself up. I adore his PT, the therapists here (and all the staff) really try to make connections and work with patients strengths.

OT worked on his arms and especially his shoulder muscles, his muscles that hold his shoulder to his ribs are weakened and he really needs to be aware of his posture and of Squeezing his shoulders toward his spine. His left shoulder muscles are very weakened and the work to get them strengthened will be twice as long as it took for them to weaken, so I get the task of reminding him to sit/stand straight. He also got to use the armeo (video game arm strengthener)

G can now get himself around in his wheelchair, although it is quite a lot of effort on his part. The clonus is slowly lessening, his strength is slowly improving, and he is beginning to use his muscles on his left side, lessening his dependence on his right arm and torso.
His spirits are very good, he gets irritated at being bothered every hour, but puts forth 110% every therapy session. And the nurses comment often at how polite he is (I think the therapist see more of his true self, and I love it).

His pain was around a 3-4 on average today. We put in a request last night for a scheduled pain medication dispense overnight, but the Dr won’t do that. He wakes up so stiff and doesn’t sleep well. His nurse last night woke him (per his request) at 10, 2, and 6 AM, and he slept great and woke much less stiff, but he will need to request this each night with the nurse and possibly set an alarm. He does much better during the day not using the narcotics, but seems to really need them overnight.

We are counting down the days (23) and are so grateful that he was able to come here and is making such progress.