Wednesday April 5

We are all coming home Friday!!!!!

It’s been a busy week, G is doing his regular therapy sessions, getting assessed on the amazing improvements he’s made over the last 5 weeks, getting prepared for changes when he gets home, getting the equipment he’ll need at home, setting up outpatient therapy for him, and doctor visits…and I still need to load up the car and get gas. 

His left arm is near normal, he has some fine motor skills to work on and some strengthening of his shoulder, but wow!

He is walking with a walker and two AFO’s (braces) to keep his feet from dropping, and actually walked to his room using a cane today. He also climbed 2 flights of stairs and came back down. 

I can’t say enough thank you’s to the staff here for their kindness and knowledge and patience, the many friends and family that sent cards, well wishes, prayers, financial help, and visits, my daughter M who has taken care of not only herself, but all our pets, and the house, and her 2 brothers (and others) for checking to make sure she’s ok, and many others. We are truly blessed by you all. I may update a time or two over the next few months, but I may not 🙂 


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