Monday April 3

G has been working very hard, and making great improvements. 

He got fitted and was able to use the Ekso, a lower body exoskeleton that assists his walking. They have also been using the E Stim on his legs, especially working on getting his flexor muscles in his feet to work. He can now flex his right foot and lift his toes up a bit. He got fitted for a brace for his left foot and may have to wear that for a while. 

We were informed this morning that insurance thinks he no longer needs the inpatient care, so we may be coming home this Friday instead of next. I’m actually really excited to get home. 🙂 and see my other kiddos. 


One Response to “Monday April 3”

  1. Evie Says:

    This is a real Blessing to hear that he may be able to come home this Friday.. Awesome !!

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