Monday March 27

Today G was encouraged to start using his walker more, which he’s super happy about. This will build strength, help the clonus, and help him with his balance. He needs a bit of help about 20% of the time when using the walker. The clonus is still improving in his left leg and darn near gone in his right. He worked on stairs and does a great job with that. The walking wears him out, so the additional time with the walker should help his endurance.

He also went bowling today, and did great and I think had a good time. He has had a chance to talk to several people here and hear their stories and how far they’ve come, and to share a little about how far he’s come in a month.

Oh, we also got to meet one of the Harlem Globetrotters, so that was kind of exciting. When I explained who it was to I-, she said “I can’t breathe, I’ve never met someone famous before.”  🙂

This is PT making him squat to reach and grab a ring and then place it on the post. This works on his balance, strength , and control.


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