Friday March 24

G ended the week with new therapist as his OT and PT are both on vacation. It’s interesting to see the differences in therapist and what they are comfortable letting him do, especially since they don’t know what he is and isn’t capable of. 

G is working hard to get better so he can go home. He’s been practicing walking with the walker a lot more and is able to take steps to get into and out of his chair instead of pivoting on his right foot. He also doesn’t want any help unless he asks for it (so back up mom). 

OT is concentrating on his left shoulder and using exercises to strengthen those muscles. 

He used this special elliptical machine that was designed here at Madonna, he wasn’t very hip on using it because “it’s cardio”, but it is used to help his gait when he walks and he admitted it was a good workout for his legs. 


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One Response to “Friday March 24”

  1. Evie Says:

    I hope the new OT & PT therapist don’t hold Gunther back, just cause they don’t know what he can and can’t do. I would have thought that the ones that were working with him, would leave instruction as to what they have done, so the new one would pick up where they left off. Will continue to pray for the best for him in the time he has left… We are coming out to visit next Tues. Please let us know when a good time would be to be there so we can see him do his OT & Pt.


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