Monday March 20

Estimate for G’s dismissal is April 14. Less than a month 🙂 They are thinking he will be able to go home with a walker and will continue therapy on an outpatient basis. We will be meeting tomorrow to hear recommendations on adjustments we may need to make to the house. 

He continues to improve daily, and is working really hard on strengthening his left side. His clonus also continues to get better each day. He walked 244 feet today with the walker, and is able to get himself into his wheelchair, put on his own shirt, and put on and tie his shoes. 

He went on another outing today to a nearby lake and got some dessert. He also got to use the left arm video game device and showed improvement over last time. 


3 Responses to “Monday March 20”

  1. Evie Says:

    Are they going to work with him on climbing stairs and using his walker when he does ?? There is an art to it as I found out when I broke my ankle… Is he getting restless being cooped up for so long? Is he able to raise his left arm ?? So many questions, but I just want to know how he is doing both physically and mentally ..


    • snbinkley Says:

      He’s been using a walker with therapy and continues to work on that. He has also worked on stairs a few times and will continue practicing with that as they know we have stairs to get into the house. He has gone on a couple of outings and they schedule REC therapy for him a few times a week, so he went to a lake a couple of days ago, and will be going bowling in a day or so. He is able to move his left arm in all directions and works on strengthening those muscles and on controlling them. He seems to be doing great, both physically and mentally.


  2. Evie Says:

    Thank you !! Thank you ! Thank you so much for all this information. It’s comforting to hear all this, and YEAH that gets to go out for rec therapy!!!! Couldn’t imagine being cooped up all this time without some stimulation away from the hospital… Hugs to all of you !!


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