Tuesday March 14

We woke up to this:

It was beautiful!
G didn’t sleep very well last night due to pain in his head and cervical spine. Then he had a super busy day.  

His PT used weights on his ankle to see if that would help the clonus and it seemed to, in addition she thinks it helped his foot placement. She also had him use a rocker board to help him shift his weight from leg to leg and work on the co-activation. 

OT used the electrodes on his arm again with the FES bike and he did the ADL (adult daily living) thing, she’s a hard nose 😉 making him figure out ways to do for himself. She had him try to tie his shoes, he is not able to, but she makes him try. 

I- and I drove back home this evening so I can attend my classes. We will drive back up Thursday night. 


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