Monday March 13

Back to work on Monday. G worked on his left arm and shoulder today. They have a computer program and arm thing that gets measurements for his range of motion and then uses that with a video game, so he has to push not only his range of motion but also his control of movement. The set up took a while, but his ranges are all stored for next time.

He also continues to work on his foot placement, leg strength, and that darn clonus. He hasn’t figured out how to separate the activation and deactivation of his hamstrings and quads, so that also contributes to the clonus. When he drops his leg (or tries to turn off the muscle activation) his leg very slowly lowers to the ground whereas normally it would just drop. His PT said she talked to some of her colleagues who work with spinal cord injuries about the co-activation because it is way more common in spinal cord injury than brain injury, so she may have some different ideas later this week.


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