Saturday March 11

Weekends are pretty low key, G had one therapy session this morning at 9 and then he was done for the day. I think he needed the rest because he took a LONG nap. 

​So, here’s a video of G practicing with the walker and some braces to help reduce the clonus. They really seemed to help and they also made his right foot placement pretty spot on. The therapist taps or puts pressure on a muscle to help shut it off. 


5 Responses to “Saturday March 11”

  1. snbinkley Says:

    Maybe the video didn’t work??


  2. Maggie Says:

    I’m such a girl, I cried watching that. That is so good to see. I understand now what you meant by the clonus. Keep up the good work, G!

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  3. Jinna Says:

    Happy to see this! ☺️

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  4. Evie Says:

    Oh my just saw this today, and it caused goose bumps on my arms. What an exciting moment for G., and I can see why you would cry. So happy for the results !!!

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