Wednesday March 8

Lots of therapy today, G also got fitted with a support for his left arm, it gets heavy since his muscles aren’t providing support. This is G using a walker for the first time, a person on each side helping his feet/legs. He has incredible strength in his right arm, and his right leg is regaining a lot of its strength, he can practically support himself with his right side. His feet wanted to get tangled up, but I cried seeing him walk. 

He has some clonus ( )which is a rhythmic jerking of his muscle when his foot is flexed, I think it gets frustrating, but there are a couple of things to make it stop. This machine is used to strengthen his legs and to help stretch his achilles. 


3 Responses to “Wednesday March 8”

  1. Richard Burke Says:

    Evie gave me the address to your blog, so I’ll be following G’s progress with much interest as I travel around the nation. Both of you can be certain of my throughts and prayers. Grandpa Dick

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  2. Evie Says:

    Tears if relief and joy !! There will be many more to come !! Thank you so much for keeping us all informed about his progress… I would like his address also, so I can send him a card…Love to you and I.

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