Thursday March 9

A couple of days ago when G figured out how to open and close his hand he challenged I- to a thumb war, this was the hardest we’ve all laughed in some time. Imagine him unable to fully control his hand, but with way bigger fingers and little I- with small fingers, she won most every time. 

G is working so hard, pushing himself in every session. They ask him to do 10, he asks if he can do 15. They ask him to hold a position for a minute, he asks if he can do 3. The improvements he’s making are amazing. 

He’s worked on left arm strength today, and on his core muscle strength. His right arm tries to do his whole body’s work, so they are working with him to use his left side more to gain strength there. He also had OT in this morning to offer suggestions for making personal care easier. 

His pain levels are around a 5-6 most of the last couple of days. A few spikes to the 8’s, and a couple of dips to a 2 🙂  

Each day he amazes me with his determination and strength. 


3 Responses to “Thursday March 9”

  1. Maggie Says:

    “Amazing” is the word I use every time I think of G.

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  2. Evie Says:

    now I see why you didn’t get back with me about your trip.. I never even thought to check here yesterday. That would have been fun to see G and I having a thumb war. So encouraging to hear all the great things G is accomplishing and how he is pushing himself . Praying for all of you !!!

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  3. Evie Says:

    I just went back and read your post about PT and OT working with G for 3hours in 30 min. groupings. Does that mean they are working on him for 6 hours a day??? Did I figure that right ??? Bet G is tired when he is done ?? If this is how much they work on him daily that is very impressive, and on top of that G pushes himself all the time !!! Love you all !!

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