Tuesday March 7

Two amazing things today. G was able to make a fist AND release it!!! This is a big deal. And he was able to stand himself up from his chair!!! Also huge. Wow! 

His schedule is pretty busy during the day, OT and PT work with him for three hours total in 30 minute to one hour increments. I am able to go and watch what he’s working on. 


9 Responses to “Tuesday March 7”

  1. Ron Says:

    Great encouraging news. Thank for the updates

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  2. Glenn Wiens Says:

    This is freaking awesome! Is Gunther encouraged? It sure is a universe away from only being able to move his right arm.

    I know it’s damn hard work for him, and I would like him to know that I respect the hell out of him for doing the work.

    Could I send him a card or letter? Do you have an address? Just to send him a note of encouragement and let him know I love him.

    I love you, Shanna. Also, tell that to Iris. Is she doing OK?


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    • snbinkley Says:

      I will try to get an address today and forward that to you.
      She is doing good, actually got her off the iPad long enough to do some reading yesterday.


    • snbinkley Says:

      I think he is encouraged, but he also wants it all to happen now!! He was pretty excited about opening and closing his hand. Said he was trying to move his leg and his hand opened…light bulb 🙂


  3. Evie Says:

    FANTASTIC news !!! Go G !!!!!

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  4. Maggie Says:

    Wow! He’s making huge strides. If he could do this much today, tomorrow holds even more! I’m so excited for him. Lifting up prayers of praise today 🙂

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