Monday March 6

Ups and downs. Today we got the official estimate of G’s length of stay. 6 weeks. I think hearing that was a big disappointment to G, he’s ready to be home. I know we were told they estimate on the long side because when dealing with insurance it’s easier to overestimate and not need it than to underestimate and request approval for more time. 

I got trained yesterday to do an independent transfer with G from bed to chair and chair to toilet and back. This was a huge relief for G in that he won’t have to wait for help and he can have some privacy back. However, I was informed that I shouldn’t push to help anymore than that because insurance will say I can just help him at home. 

This is the OT using electric stimulation on G’s left arm. The staff and resources here are really pretty amazing. G’s stomach muscles are getting stronger and he can hold himself in a sitting position pretty well now, his head still hangs a lot, but that’s getting better too. 

I- and I are staying in a small studio type quad for the nights, it has a shower, mini kitchen with fridge, microwave and coffee pot, and an apartment size washer/dryer, and a twin bed. 


2 Responses to “Monday March 6”

  1. Evie Says:

    It is so hard to be patient with yourself, but I truly hope G will realize it is just going to take time. I know insurance is a big headache, but thank God you have it and G is getting the best care he can. I also know if G gives up and wants to go home, insurance can refuse to cover what they did do as he quit the program. Praying he will find some peace in knowing he needs this no matter how long it takes !!Tell him we love him and know he can do this… Do you get to be with him when he is getting PT and OT ? Are you ready for some company ??

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    • snbinkley Says:

      I don’t think he’s in any way wanting to give up, in fact he’s really working very hard. He’s just ready to be home (as am I) 🙂


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