Sunday March 5

We are slowly adjusting to the rules here at Madonna. They have many safety precautions in place to protect patients and staff. This includes a monitor in G’s room to make sure he doesn’t try to get up, which led to us getting in trouble when I tried to help him get to the bathroom, that was a no-no. G said he felt like he was in lock-up, so I made sure to let him know it was all for safety and he could leave at any time to which he said he knew, and wants to get the most out of being here, but when you gotta go, you gotta go. They have a device that lifts him out of his bed or chair and it requires 2 people, so sometimes it takes a bit. I was told I can get training on that so they would only need one staff member plus me, so I will ask his PT today. His pain levels have come down some, as low as a 4-5 for part of yesterday, although his neck is still very sore. He was able to shower yesterday and got some of his staples out, however there is still a lot of matted hair around some staples, so he will shower again later today and try to get some of that loosened so they can try to get at some of the remaining staples. 

Since it’s Sunday he only has one therapy session around 2 pm, I think he was excited to see some of the equipment yesterday and how it will be used to help him relearn using and controlling his muscles. One estimate for length of stay was 2-3 weeks, but we should have an official estimate on Monday. This hooks up to a sling, it reminds me of a hammock chair, that is used to move a patient from bed to chair. It seems so delicate and yet is able to lift up to 600# I think. It has got to be a back saver to the staff who are working 12 hour shifts, and have many patients. 

We were able to go for a little walk yesterday and get a bit of fresh air which was nice. 


5 Responses to “Sunday March 5”

  1. Maggie Says:

    That’s got to be tough, but soon he will be getting up on his own. Praying for him to have patience. I’m also glad the staff there is so attentive.

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  2. Evie Says:

    Can’t G use a portable urinal when he really needs to go ,and help doesn’t show up soon enough ?? So glad to hear his pain level is coming down .. I’m curious, how come they can’t put a neck brace on his neck to help with the pain if it is due to possible whip lash?? What does Iris think of everything ??? So it sounds like they even work on him on the weekend. Prayers are the only thing we can do on this end, so know you are in our thoughts and most definitely our prayers

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    • snbinkley Says:

      He does have a portable urinal, but he is on 3+ stool softener/laxatives, so when he needs to go it’s semi urgent. Prayer is exactly the perfect thing needed, thank you for that. I’m not sure on the neck brace, I think his muscles need to be strengthened too, and a brace wouldn’t allow that. I- is doing great, she’s such a trooper.


  3. Evie Says:

    when you say you were able to go for a little walk, does that mean G was able to go for a walk or were you referring to you and Iris.


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