Thursday March 2

Well, G got moved back to building 4, floor 7 (text me for room #) at 3:45 in the morning. Praying insurance gives the approval today so he can transfer to Madonna tomorrow (Friday). His pain level has come down to about a 7 from a steady 8-9, and he said his head is feeling better, but his neck is still incredibly painful, and he needs to be off the IV meds by his transfer. Still no BM, so I think they are going to get a bit more aggressive with that. I’ll update later if we get the approval, or if there are any changes. His head is still bleeding some, but I forgot he’s on blood thinners, so that may be part of that. Also, he stood for about 12 minutes yesterday (with support) which is the longest so far, his legs were shaking pretty bad with that. 


2 Responses to “Thursday March 2”

  1. Maggie Says:

    Praying he gets approval to transfer. Sorry he is still in so much pain. I’m worried about his head still bleeding 😦 please give him a peck on the cheek for me.

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  2. Evie Says:

    WOW !! Praise the Lord !!! It must have been very encouraging for G to be able to stand up for the first time. FANTASTIC !!! He is displaying allot of strength and will power in spite of his injuries and pain. I wish he wasn’t in so much pain, but hopefully they can get him off the IV meds. today & on pain pills so nothing will hold up the process of transferring him to the rehab. hospital. Remember you are all covered in so many prayers by so many people !!!

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